About This Project

Rasa Švelnikaitė – Pieslikė

Digital Transformation Geek @AdFingers

Rasa Švelnikaitė – Pieslikė is one of the leading team members at Lithuanian digital advertising agency which focuses on building meaningful relationships between brands and their customers. She specializes in brand’s digital transformation which means that she must search for innovative ideas every day to keep up with customers’ fast-changing preferences and challenges.

That’s where advanced big data usage comes in. Although many people are reluctant to share their personal information with companies, Rasa believes that it is vital to understand the perks of it.

Rasa shared her thoughts on what inspires her most about the future:

„Dalai Lama once said: there are only two days a year when a person cannot do anything, those days are yesterday and tomorrow. So every tomorrow is our future – it’s so near but so untouchable at the same time. So what inspires me about the future? It’s ambiguity. You cannot do anything tomorrow, but you can make huge impact for it.“

At TEDxKaunas Rasa will invite us to forget the sense of insecurity by providing arguments about how advanced big data development can change our lives for the better.