About This Project

Justinas Taruška

Justinas Taruška is an expert of B2B Sales and Business development who contributes into saving soil and improving growth of plants.

At companies Chemcentras and Nando who try to improve soil quality in innovative ways, Justinas is a head of business development. He is also alumni of The Alchemist Accelerator in Silicon Valley.

In addition to that Justinas is Associate Professor in practice at Kaunas Technology University, where he conducts a module about B2B sales for students together with well-known companies in Lithuania.

Justinas shared his thought on what he waits the most in the future to happen:

„I look forward to a well developed AI, a fast connection with the rest of the world. It’s a dream that all 100% food would be organic.“

During TEDxKaunas Justinas will draw our attention to agriculture and how can we restore the damage we have done to our mother earth.

Feel free to connect with him via LinkedIn.