About This Project

Jerrold Zoloto

Founder and President of ANOVA, Inc.

Jerrold Zoloto is an entrepreneur and business leader. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology and chairs the boards of numerous companies.

For 36 years Jerrold has been the CEO of Anova, a strategic consulting corporation. He has led 6 companies in manufacturing, healthcare and data analytics. Also, he has engaged in lengthy research projects regarding employee impact, effectiveness, and engagement.

In addition to his business endeavors, he is President of Litvak World U.S. (litvakworld.com) „Litvak World is my mission in life. I feel it is the most important thing I have ever done,“ claims Jerrold. Litvaks are the Jewish community who have lived in Lithuania from the 13th century to the present. ‘Litvak World’ preserves and cherishes Litvaks’ heritage and provides an opportunity for Litvaks around the world to reconnect with their homeland.

„The hope: with its’ offered opportunities, accepted challenges and given surprises. The hope, that by working in joint action we will be able to transform the world and implement the Sustainable Development Agenda (2030): by reducing poverty, by ensuring quality education, by empowering women, combating climate change and saving our Planet, and of course, by making our cities sustainable to live in. The FUTURE is US. Therefore, each step that we make, should be measured, by taking care of the environment that surrounds us, and by taking care of a person, that sits next to us.“

Jerrold also shared his thoughts about how he would spend 1 year changing the future:

„I have spent the majority of my career in “humanizing the corporation” because corporate life can at many times be dehumanizing. I would spend a year applying the same principles on a global basis: openness, transparency, empathy for your fellow men and women, moving beyond personal shortcomings to enhance your life and the lives of others.“

At TEDxKaunas, Jerrold will share his knowledge from his life, business and psychological perspectives.