About This Project

Andrijana Filinaitė

Member of State Cultural Heritage Commission

Andrijana was born and raised in Kaunas. She is a member of the Lithuanian State Commission for Cultural Heritage. She is also engaged in politics and ran for parliament in 2016.

Although she works at a state institution, she believes that it is not the government that should care the most about our heritage – it’s the people. It is essential to make sure that the heritage of our past generations would not be destroyed in the future. We are especially glad to have Andrijana as a speaker, because she makes every effort to protect Kaunas’ unique architecture and make the host city of our TEDx event more attractive.

Andrijana shared her thoughts on what inspires her most about the future:

„The hope: with its’ offered opportunities, accepted challenges and given surprises. The hope, that by working in joint action we will be able to transform the world and implement the Sustainable Development Agenda (2030): by reducing poverty, by ensuring quality education, by empowering women, combating climate change and saving our Planet, and of course, by making our cities sustainable to live in. The FUTURE is US. Therefore, each step that we make, should be measured, by taking care of the environment that surrounds us, and by taking care of a person, that sits next to us.“

At TEDxKaunas Andrijana will discuss the importance of communities in preserving World Heritage.