About This Project

Algirdas Stonys

CEO of TeleSoftas

Algirdas Stonys is a man like no other. At just 35, he is the CEO of the largest mobile software development company in the Baltics and Scandinavia: start-up mentor, investor, philanthropist and all round good guy.

While acting as the founding father of a long list of successful business initiatives, Algirdas can be legitimately called one of the guardian angels of tech startup ecosystems regionally and beyond. However, what sets Algirdas apart is his unique outlook in building business communities founded on the principles of sustainability, sharing, trust, and love.

Algirdas’ ambitions don’t rest there. His life goal is to create the largest tribe of happy people in the world, putting fulfillment indicators forefront.

How come there is a mammoth for everyone? What would a Tribe from Siberia know about modern day business models? Algirdas digs into his very own origin, as a grandson of a Yakut shaman, to put it in contrast with the modern practices of creating modern business communities.